• Vancouver International Film Festival (map)
  • 1181 Seymour Street
  • Vancouver, BC, V6B 3N3
  • Canada


We heard you! What’s new for 2017:

  • More films – KDocs 2017 is double in size from 2016, which doubled 2015
  • More Canadian films – KDocs 2017 includes 5 Canadian films
  • Special Events: Opening Night and Closing Night gala receptions
  • More filmmakers – KDocs 2017 will welcome 7 filmmakers
  • More films rated for high-school aged viewers – KDocs 2017 includes 7 films rated for high schoolers: Racing Extinction; How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change; The Pass System; After the Last River; Sonita; Life, Animated; and Wizard Mode
  • Later start times – nothing starts before noon on any day
  • Panel moderators – this year, KPU students and alumni will moderate panel discussions/Q&As
  • Less panels – Most films will include a panel discussion, but some films are better discussed more casually, in the theatre’s atrium, after the film
  • Shorter panel discussions – 45 minutes, down from 60 minutes
  • Less panelists per panel – we aim for 4 panelists per panel
  • Open concession – guests will now be able to purchase wine, beer, popcorn and other movie snacks from the Vancity Theatre’s own concession