Janice Morris, Founder & Festival Director

My love of film is equaled only by my love of students and learning, so KDocs is the perfect way for me to truly do what I love in every way. When not organizing KDocs, I am incredibly fortunate and grateful to teach critical reading, writing, and thinking at KPU, a place I have called home since 2006.  My other research interests include graphic novels, visual culture, film studies, media studies, and critical approaches to historicizing and theorizing “holocomics”—graphic novels and representations of the Holocaust. Outside of work, I am a huge Canucks fan (Go Canucks!) who enjoys travel, cycling, and binge-watching my favourite TV series. I am so proud of the KDocs team.   janice.morris@kpu.ca



Greg Chan, Board Member & Community Outreach director

Like my KDocs colleagues, my fascination with the moving image began early on; for me, it was when I started memorizing the names of the James Bond villains--a useless skill set, I have since been told--while reading anything having to do with cinema history. Working in the projection booth at UBC's SUB Theatre by day and ushering at the Granville 7 Cinemas by night set the tone for what was to come when I began teaching at KPU in 1995. While I teach composition and literature courses, I have always incorporated film--documentaries in particular--into the curriculum. Now a film studies specialist, I teach upper-level English courses on film criticism, film history, and film theory; publish my research in peer-reviewed journals; present and moderate at film and media studies conferences; and edit Mise-en-scène: The Journal of Film & Visual Narration, KPU's official film studies journal. Please don't ask me if the book is better than the movie.  greg.chan@kpu.ca


Manon Boivin, Board member, FILM PRODUCER, COMMUNITY OUTREACH Facilitator

Manon is a video production specialist with over 20 years of journalism and video production experience. She has an extensive background in news production and as an independent producer who began in project research and development, script and story writing, production management and more. She eventually worked her way into producing and field directing. Manon has worked in many genres, but her specialization is documentary. She has been growing a corporate video portfolio, serving clients who desire personalized, high-end video content that tells their story. Manon has always been a passionate mentor to aspiring journalists and digital storytellers. Sharing her love for this art form and her craft as a filmmaker has taken her into an exciting direction. She tailor-designs and presents journalism and video production workshops aimed at learners of all ages. Her most recent work as a Board Member with KDocs has allowed Manon to create documentary film workshops within the KDocs Community Outreach Program for the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels.  manonb@telus.net

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After 13 years of travelling and teaching in England, Italy, and Brazil, I've been teaching English for Academic Purposes at Kwantlen to non-native speakers for 19 years. I have long been fascinated by the power of a good documentary to change the world. The quality of the KDocs Film Festival and the world-class panelists provoke such intense discussion and thought.  For this reason, I've joined the team to spread the word to students and our community alike.  elizabeth.spalding@kpu.ca



Bogdan Bryja, Board member

My passion for film began early in my childhood. I lived in a relatively small city, and movies – watching them, thinking about them, even vicariously living through them – was a way for me to transcend my geographic and socio-cultural boundaries. I have studied and worked in different countries, but now I am fully determined to stay put in our beautiful British Columbia . . . and be a part of the KDocs team for years to come. Apart from watching films, of course, and teaching undergraduate students at KPU, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and camping. bogdan.bryja@kpu.ca



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naveen Shums, board member & outreach facilitator

Naveen is passionate about helping others learn and develop. As a community organizer, TEDx speaker, and mentor for students, she uses her education and skills to empower, uplift and motivate those around her. Naveen works with non-profits and educational institutions to host workshops, organize events and drive initiatives to increase social impact. She’s joined the KDocs board as a Community Outreach Facilitator, hoping to challenge mainstream narratives of minority groups while engaging local youth. Most recently, Naveen was awarded the “Young Woman of Distinction Award” for her work in the Muslim community.  naveen.shums@gmail.com



in MEMORIaM: james darby (1967-2018)

Originally from London, England, where he grew up watching the great films of the 70s and 80s, James was the indispensable behinds-the-scenes KDocs Researcher. His all-time favourite movie was Steven Spielberg’s feature-film debut, Duel, followed by the Coen brothers’ No Country for Old Men. He was very proud of having watched every film on the IMDB Top 250, although that pales in comparison to his greatest achievement: keeping Janice sane, especially during festival time. We miss him so much.